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Credit Fix Repairs Is The Credit Repair Of Choice of Mortgage Lenders. Read Our Testimonials and see the countless of home buyers that that we helped qualify for secure a mortgage loan in 60 days or less.
Mission: Credit Fix Advisors does not offer a one time fee and a monthly fee for months or years. WE offer a one time processing fee and our goal is to get your credit fixed as soon as humanly possible. How many credit repair companies want a $200 fee and want $189.00 per month until your credit is fixed. This could lead to thousands of dollars. We rely word of mouth. We do not offer bogus testimonials  Our clients are so happy that they are wiling to post their before and after report reports.
CREDIT FIX ADVISORS: We do not want to tell you want you want to hear. We provide FACTS names and contact information of our satisfied borrowers. You call them. We have permission and authorization by borrowers who are so ecstatic of the services we provided. Credit Fix Advisors clients includes borrowers, realtors, bankruptcy attorneys, loan officers, national lenders, bankers, title company workers, real estate attorneys, and event employees of credit bureaus. Credit Fix Advisors is not an affiliate program. We hand all of our credit repair borrowers through our nationwide credit fix advisors programs.
Why wait fix your credit to qualiy for a home loan. Remember that there is no lender in this country that will give you a mortgage after a bankruptcy and foreclosure. With the help of Credit Fix Advisors, lates after bankruptcy and forclosures can be removed and you will qualiyf for a home loan.

The One Stop Credit Repair Shop!

Our mission at Credit Fix Advisors is to educate and help the public about the importance of credit, credit repair, credit scores, establishing new credit, re-establishing credit, and finding the best solutions to debt.

We Have a Solution For Everyone

Have you filed bankruptcy?  Do you have a foreclosure?

Do you have open collections?  Do you have judgments?

Do you have charge offs?  Do you have late payments?

Everyone at one time or another have gone through a tough time, whether it is a job layoff, divorce, or medical crisis.  There are periods in people’s lives where they could not pay their bills and the outcome was bruising their credit.

The financial meltdown of 2008 have forced many hard working Americans into bankruptcy and foreclosure where it destroyed their hard earned credit scores.

Professional Services & Professional Advice

At Credit Fix Advisors, our goal and mission is to educate and help folks re-establish their credit and help them get their credit repaired, improve their credit scores, and help them get an automobile loan, unsecured credit cards, and mortgage loans.

We offer a one stop credit repair and financial shop.  If you have any questions about credit related issues, please become a member in our forum.  Check out our blogs written by credit repair consultants, realtors, attorneys, mortgage brokers, and other experts in the credit field.

Credit Fix Advisors is in partnership with credit card companies, automobile finance companies, debt consolidation companies, mortgage brokers, attorneys, realtors, and other professionals who can help you with your credit establishing needs.  We have created a one stop credit repair shop.  No need to look further.  Contact Us if you have any questions or need a referral for services not offered at Credit Fix Advisors.

Let Credit Fix Advisors Be Your Tool in Boosting Your Credit Scores!